Serverless Blog

Run your blog on AWS Lambda using Flask-Blogging.

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What is Serverless Blog?

Serverless blog uses AWS lambda to host a blog. DynamoDB is used to store blog content, S3 is used to store static content. The Flask extension Flask-Blogging is the blogging engine that makes this possible.

How does Serverless blog compare with Static blogs?

Serverless blog have some of the niceties of static blogs and overcome some of their shortcomings.

Static blogs hosting can be inexpensive and static blog tools like pelican or jekyll make it very configurable. But for every update, the blog would need to be compiled and the updates need to be pushed to deployment.

Serverless blog hosting is also inexpensive because you only get charged for each visit. The per visit charges are also fairly minimal. Adding a new blog post or updating a post happens instantly like any other online blog platform

What language is this written in?

The blog engine Flask-Blogging is an extension to the wonderful python web framework Flask.

How do you host the website on AWS Lambda?

There are various approaches to accomplish this. This particular website was setup using Zappa.

Who to contact for additional questions and comments?

Gouthaman[dot]Balaraman[At]gmail[dot]com. Replace [phrase] with you know what..